About this Gallery

The Expressions of Nakba Virtual Gallery is designed to showcase compelling work selected from the Competition in 2008. The gallery presents work in the following 5 main categories:

A. Written Work – Poetry and Short Essays

B. Recorded Audio – Spoken Word and Music

C. Visual Arts – Illustration, Painting, Photography and Mixed-Media Work

D. Poster Design – Poster-quality Graphic Design

E. Digital Media – Digital Video Shorts and Interactive Media

In each category, we provide a curatorial statement on the works selected and show the award winning entries, honorable mentions and the overall entries selected for exhibit.

For each entry shown, the names and bios of the artists are provided. Visual Arts and Poster Design entries can be viewed in thumbnail preview format, as well as high-resolution including a full-screen slideshow. Entries in other categories are browsed via suitable media players and document readers.

These selected works will also be displayed in traveling exhibitions around the US and abroad over the coming year. We congratulate all the artists whose work has been selected for this gallery, and appreciate everyone who participated in this competition. 

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