Digital Media Exhibit


Best Digital Media Award:
Land Confiscation Order 06/24/T

By Larissa Sansour
Copenhagen, Denmark



<=== WINNERS ===>







Best Youth Media Award:
Memories of Nakba
(Zikrayat el Nakba)

By Rami Bassam, Amani Odeh,
Ahmed Ziat
Balata Refugee Camp, Nablus, Palestine


Wishing to Be a Bird (Ana Asfor)

By Rawan Farahtee, Samah Fayed,
Diy'a Alghoul, Hadil Nidal,
Shahed Fahmawe
Jenin Refugee Camp, Jenin, Palestine

Still Life

By Diana Allen

Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA




Two Thousand Walls
(a song for jayyous)

By Peter Snowdon
Brussels, Belgium

A Palestinian Mural

By Norma Sayage
Hillsborough, California, USA

Hope of Freedom (Amal El Horaya)

By Ahmad Abu Odeh,
Amjad Al Khawaja, Saja Al Ajarma,
Miras Al Azza, Mohammad Sarhan
Aida Refugee Camp, Bethlehem, Palestine


Nablus Tragedy (Masat Nablus)

By Aamal Abu Jneed, Sondos Salih,

Ala Shilbayih, Ma'in Isa, Ahmad Masri
Balata Refugee Camp, Nablus, Palestine


The Dance: The Throbbing
Dance of the Displaced

By Ala' Younis
Amman, Jordon



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